Life is Best



Lives are at stake. Souls hang in the balance. Some Christians are engaged in battle, most are not.

Life is Best will thoroughly equip and inspire you to join the fight for lives and souls.

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  • Souls will be saved as they hear that Jesus is willing to heal and forgive women and men who have had abortions—the Gospel will be loud and clear.
  • As Christians, we value life and don’t want to ever see another Planned Parenthood dumpster filled with God’s image-bearers.
  • Christians will be prepared to engage and demolish every pro-choice argument.

Episode 1 – What is it?
Segment 1: We can abort babies if…
Segment 2: The fundamental question: what are the unborn?
Segment 3: S.L.E.D

Episode 2 – What the Bible says about abortion
Segment 1: Sin, grace, forgiveness
Segment 2: Trot out the toddler
Segment 3: Trot out the toddler for rape and incest

Episode 3 – Exposing the darkness
Segment 1: Should we show images of aborted babies?
Segment 2: Abortion is a gruesome business
Segment 3: Jesus is willing to forgive wicked people

Episode 4 – The Bodily Autonomy Argument
Segment 1: The violin analogy
Segment 2: The violin analogy, part two
Segment 3: Bad pro-life arguments

Episode 5 – Men and Abortion
Segment 1: Men can speak on this issue
Segment 2: Men who coerce women
Segment 3: Women who have been hurt by men

Episode 6 – Human Value
Segment 1: S.L.E.D.
Segment 2: Human value is intrinsic
Segment 3: Defending the Bible

Episode 7 – Emotions
Segment 1: Guilt
Segment 2: Shame
Segment 3: Self pity and anger

Episode 8 – Maternal Objections
Segment 1: It’s my body, incarceration, intent, back alley
Segment 2: Privacy, religion, life of mother, provide a quality life
Segment 3: Shouldn’t bring a disabled baby into the world

Episode 9 – Baby Objections
Segment 1: We don’t know, only human potential
Segment 2: Consciousness is what makes us human
Segment 3: It’s not human

Episode 10 – Postmodernism and Abortion
Segment 1: Welcome to postmodern America
Segment 2: Stay on your SLED with postmoderns
Segment 3: Trot out your toddler with postmoderns

Episode 11 – Talking the Talk
Segment 1: Speaking truth in love
Segment 2: Ask a well placed question
Segment 3: 1 minute presentation, incrementalism

Episode 12 – The Gospel and Abortion
Segment 1: Why can’t we apply the Gospel to abortion?
Segment 2: Five tips
Segment 3: Applying the Gospel to self, what happens to aborted babies?

Episode 13 – Do Something
Segment 1: Apathy, the power of the pulpit
Segment 2: What you can do
Segment 3: A trip to a former abortion clinic

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