Road Trip to Truth Season Three Streaming



Buckle up!

We’re back with yet another season of Road Trip to Truth, where we’ll be finding answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

Follow host John Fabarez as he tackles the existence of aliens, tests the authenticity of the Bible, reveals the true purpose of sex, explores the effects of social media, and so much more!

No matter where you’re at, these 13 brand-new episodes of Road Trip will equip you and your family to defend the Christian faith.

So hop in and get ready for every twist and turn on the Road Trip to Truth.


“We got Road Trip to Truth and have been using it in the high school ministry small group we lead and the students are loving it!”

I just wanted to share how helpful I have found the Road Trip to Truth series to be. I’m a freshman in college, and I was recently able to talk about my post-modern friend through the logical fallacies of postmodernism. He now wants to continue learning about Christianity, having specifically asked me why he feels guilty. After watching that series, I was able to share the Gospel with him and show him that it is in fact the only logical conclusion in our existence.”

” I love Road Trip to Truth. After I’m done with Romans in my Bible study, I’m getting some guys together and watching an episode with a group every week. Keep it up brother.”

Website Form:
“Hello, I’m a mom of two young kids and am always trying to find ways to talk to my kids about how to share Jesus. I came across your show and really love what you are doing to debunk the worlds view of Christianity. God is using you for great things. Keep up the good work! I’m praying that your ministry flourish.”

“I wanted to thank you all for the Road Trip To Truth dvds. While my oldest son was with us visiting, I started showing my three teens an episode a night. Last night, after watching the cultural christian episode, I ended up continuing to witness to my third teen and after years of praying and months of reading scripture together and watering his soul, he repented last night and proclaim Christ as Lord and my oldest teen (who went back home) wanted his own copy so he could finish it (so I bought one just for him).”

Through Road trip to Truth, I realized how much I have been influenced by liberalism. I am so grateful my eyes are open and I can call myself a born-again Christian. I am wholeheartedly convinced my rebirth came by listening to the truth you preached.

I came across your show and really love what you are doing to debunk the world’s view of Christianity.