What Time is Purple?




If you will pay for shipping and promise to give them away, it is our pleasure to provide you with up to 50 of these evangelistic booklets at no charge.

To read “What Time Is Purple” and/or receive information on how to distribute this booklet, visit whattimeispurple.com.

Back cover:

Hi there! I bet you’ve come to the back cover of this booklet wondering if what’s inside will be worth it. Who can blame you? Your time is your most precious commodity.

Since you probably don’t have an extra minute to spare, allow me to say yes, this booklet will be worth it if:

  • You’re not afraid of the truth
  • You want assurance that your life really does have purpose and meaning
  • You want to know just how much you are loved

If none of those things matter to you, you’ve already wasted 13 seconds.

If any of those things do matter to you, and something tells me they matter to you a lot, you’ve come to the right place.  It may take a few short minutes of your time, but it’s going to be time well spent. I promise!